/ 12 Things that Irk Wisconsinites

12 Things that Irk Wisconsinites

Wisconsinites are notoriously friendly, happy people. Despite the frigid weather in the winter and the constant annoyance of mosquitos in the summer, people in Wisco manage to put on a smile and offer a “Hey neighbor!” most of the time. But everyone, even Wisconsinites, has their buttons that you just do not push. The phrase “cheesed off” may apply here.

cheesed off adjective [after verb] uk ​ /ˌtʃiːzd ˈɒf/ us ​ /ˌtʃiːzd ˈɑːf/ UK informal. annoyed and disappointed with something or someone: She's a bit cheesed off with her job. Angry and displeased.

  1. Saying that happy cows come from California

    Sure, it’s beautiful and sunny there a lot more than here, but stop trying to make “The Dairy State” happen, California. That title is taken.
  2. Restaurants that don’t offer deep fried cheese curds

    Nachos and potato skins are great and all, but we’re hard-pressed to think of a better way to start a meal than with deep fried cheese curds.
  3. Rooting for any NFL team other than the Packers

    Especially if it’s the Bears or the Vikings.
  4. Buying a cabin/cottage in Minnesota or Michigan

    They’re beautiful in their own right, and we may be biased, but with borders along two Great Lakes, acres upon acres of forests, and 15,000 lakes, Wisconsin really has it all – why leave?
  5. Driving 10mph in an inch of snow

    We’re all for safe driving, but if we’re driving behind you going 10mph and the roads are clear, we may tap the horn very nicely.
  6. Debating euchre, cribbage and sheepshead

    Everyone has their preference, and if yours doesn’t match with theirs, prepare for a debate.
  7. Buying Velveeta cheese over local cheese

    Not all cheese is created equal.
  8. Choosing a hot dog/hamburger over a brat

    We love a good hot dog or hamburger as much as the next guy, but if a brat is an option, the choice is easy.
  9. A wedding that doesn’t play polka music

    We can’t even imagine a wedding without “Roll Out the Barrel”.
  10. An Old-Fashioned made with whiskey

    An Old-Fashioned with whiskey is better than no Old-Fashioned at all, but a true Wisconsinite can be found with a brandy Old-Fashioned in hand.
  11. Not jumping around between the third and fourth quarter of a Badger game

    We’ll take any excuse to get on our feet and celebrate our team.
  12. Missing opening weekend for a wedding

    Your wedding attire might as well say “I’d rather be in my tree stand.”

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Kristen Finstad is a member of the Discover Wisconsin crew. Having grown up in River Falls, attending UW-Stevens Point and now living in Madison, she’s a Wisconsin girl through and through. Watch Discover Wisconsin TV Saturday mornings at 10 on Fox Sports Wisconsin. (Twitter: @DiscoverWI)

12 comments on “12 Things that Irk Wisconsinites”

  1. Completely disagree w/ #10...there is small piece of this amazing state that ONLY drinks Whiskey Old Fashioneds. I’m lucky to have been born and raised in that part of the state and would say there is nothing better with a Friday night Fish Fry (ummmm...perch of course) than a whiskey old fashioned sour with olives.

  2. Ya,so then,I'm from Minnesota and all that drinking and partying over east there is just not for us. You folks debating on alcohol preferences sounds like sin and deviltry to us dour folk. Over here we believe in keeping our nose to the grindstone. You'll see no Minnesotan "enjoying" a drink! No,sir! You wont be seeing us out having fun! No! And we dont go along with that helping your neighbor foolishness either. Say now. Life is a chore and must be gotten thru. You folks and your good times!

  3. I wish I had never moved here. I think you people are unfriendly and are looking for a fight. You're a bunch of alcoholics and I'll be so glad to move back South.

  4. My daughter & her family are moving to Milwaukee area from Omaha. He's a WI brat born & raised. The football fanaticism is a bit over the top, but to each his own.I'm gonna enjoy getting to know this(swing)state,in the warmer months only. I'm from Idaho not Minnesota,dont ya know-- by way of NV and CA. We prefer our winters mild and summers mosquito free!

  5. Referring to Waukesha as a suburb of Milwaukee. Waukesha has its own county and no matter what, it never was or ever will be a suburb of Milwaukee. Thank you very much.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with James above. I wish I had never moved here to be with you drunkards and ugly morbidly obese people. Your opening statement about Wisconsinites being friendly is the worst exaggeration to which I couldn’t resist laughing out loud. I’d rather be back in Hawaii or Alaska. I count down to the minutes of my contract expiration and hope I don’t off myself before that, my god.

  7. I am an Egyptian living in wisconsin. everything i do irks wisconsin people. if you really want to annoy them be egyptian

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