/ 7 Things To Do In Whitewater You Can’t Do Anywhere Else

7 Things To Do In Whitewater You Can’t Do Anywhere Else

  1. Attend a UW-Whitewater Warhawks game

If there’s one thing Whitewater is known for it’s the University that brings so much energy to this town. And a lot of the noise you hear on campus will be coming from Perkins Stadium. Join the fun and cheer on the Warhawks!

  1. Jump in a tandem hang glider and soar over Whitewater with Wisconsin Hang Gliding

Whitewater is the only place in the state you can hang glide, and Wisconsin Hang Gliding are the experts. If you’re willing to dare the heights on the way up, it’s a very safe, relaxing glide down back to Earth. It’s one trip you’ll want to make again.

  1. Hike, swim and campout near Whitewater and Rice Lakes

With Whitewater being tucked into the southern portion of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, there are countless trails to explore. As well as two large lakes surrounded by beaches and camp grounds to spend the weekend appreciating.

  1. Hop on your bike and take the John Muir Bike Trail

The Whitewater community is pretty well known for its wide availability for biking. One great trail you’ll have to check out is the John Muir Bike Trail. Maintained by the Wisconsin DNR, as well as volunteers in this biking community, this trail is fantastic for most any rider. And if you need a new bike, Dave Saalsaa at Quiet Hut Sports downtown has you got you covered.

  1. Grab some delicious lamb ravioli downtown at The Black Sheep

This farm-to-table restaurant is very unique, from the way they get their ingredients, to their ever-changing menu based on the food available to them. Owner and head chef, Tyler Salsbury , is passionate about local food and supporting the community as much as he can. A dish you can’t pass up, if they still have it on the menu, is Tyler’s lamb ravioli.

  1. Indulge in a beer and a burger, maybe some cheese curds, at Second Salem Brewing Company

From quality burgers to good cheese curds, Second Salem Brewing Company knows what they’re doing. But heir beer is a story in itself. All of their beers are named after the spooky folklore of Whitewater’s past, and each have their own theme. They brew all of their beer in-house, and really try to emphasize those traditional beer flavors.

  1. Dive into Whitewater’s supernatural past with the annual Spirit Tour

And if you’d like to dive even further into some of the stories behind Second Salem Brewing Company’s beers, you’ll quickly learn why Whitewater is considered Second to Salem, Massachusetts. The city used to be a center for spiritualism, as the Morris Pratt Institute used be in the middle of town and attracted all kinds of groups to Whitewater. Over the years, the spooky stories have only grown, and there are sightings of witches and strange occurrences to this day. You can explore this supernatural past with Whitewater’s annual Spirit Tour, visiting some of the historical sites of this folklore all around the city.

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