/ [OFFICIAL RULES] 2020 Discover Wisconsin Calendar Photo Contest

[OFFICIAL RULES] 2020 Discover Wisconsin Calendar Photo Contest

Discover Wisconsin’s Official Photo Contest

Enter the 2020 Discover Wisconsin Calendar Photo Contest online at:
CONTEST DESCRIPTION Discover Wisconsin’s social media photo contest is a special opportunity for photographers (amateur or professional) to showcase their Wisconsin photographs and have a chance to earn a spot in the 2020 Discover Wisconsin Calendar.
PRIZE: The Discover Wisconsin staff will select 12 photos that qualify for the 2020 Discover Wisconsin calendar. The crew will select the photo to be featured on the covers of the 2020 Discover Wisconsin calendar and Wisconsin Counties Association magazine. That winner will also receive a special write-up in the Wisconsin Counties Association Magazine and be featured in an upcoming issue (month will depend on nature of photo). All eligibility requirements must be satisfied and the applicant’s status verified before awarding of the prize.
ELIGIBILITY In order to be eligible for the grand prize package and/or to be considered for the 2019 Discover Wisconsin calendar, entrants must:

  • Submit a digital photo that features a Wisconsin destination and/or vacation
  • Submit original photographs that are at least 300dpi and no smaller than 5” x 7” in a jpeg file format
  • Obtain necessary release forms from people appearing in their photograph
  • Maintain responsibility for ensuring that their submissions are in compliance with all the legal and copyright requirements
  • Include their name, address, email address, photo location and photo caption
  • Agree to release their photograph to Discover Mediaworks and Discover Wisconsin for promotional purposes in any media in perpetuity
  • Regardless of who is in the photo, only the submitter will receive the prize
  • Discover Mediaworks, parent company of Discover Wisconsin, has the right to remove any photos deemed inappropriate for this contest

Applicants must submit photos via the contest submission form. Electronic photo submissions will be accepted until Monday, July 8. Photos received after 11:59 p.m. CST on July 8 will not be eligible for the contest. Inappropriate submissions will be flagged and removed and the user will be reported.
Discover Wisconsin will announce the cover photo winner via various social media channels. Subsequent cooperation with various outlets may be required (i.e. Discover Wisconsin Radio, Wisconsin Counties Magazine, etc.)
NOTICES The social media photo contest is a promotion wholly organized and administered by Discover Wisconsin and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
Entrants consent to the use, reproduction or distribution of any information submitted, and understand that they are providing such information to Discover Wisconsin and not to Facebook. All entrants release Facebook from any claims arising from or associated with this contest.

79 comments on “[OFFICIAL RULES] 2020 Discover Wisconsin Calendar Photo Contest”

  1. When I look at my entries I am seeing a couple of older entries. Does it take awhile for new entries to show or did I do something incorrectly?

    1. Hey Ricki - There was a bit of an issue with the visibiity settings but we've fixed the issue. You should see your entries posted on the contest page now. Good luck!

      1. Thank you. One more question. Will you let me know if and when Discover Wisconsin or the Wisconsin Counties Association publishes one of my photos?

  2. how long does it take for photos to be uploaded? I entered several yesterday and they still are not up on the facebook page.

      1. I have two of the same picture that were accidentally submitted and both are getting votes. I would really love one deleted.

    1. Hi Debra - 3 mb is the size limit for uploads. Can you re-size it slightly and try submitting the photo again? If we select your photo for the calendar, we'll request the original high-res version.

  3. Can I change the email address once submitted? I realized I forgot some numbers. One more question, how many photos can be submitted?
    Thank you,

    1. Unfortunately, the contest is being administered through Facebook and Instagram only. That said, while our staff will be taking votes into consideration, photos will not be selected based on popularity votes only. We will be reviewing each and every submission individually.

  4. If we submit a photo does it become property of Discover Wisconsin or does it still belong to the photographer with the permission to print and publicize?
    Thank you .

  5. Are we able to enter more than 3 photos? I entered 3 yesterday and was about to enter a few others and it said that I had met my limit. Wasn't sure if that meant that I had met my limit for that day, or if that was my limit for the entries. Can you help!

      1. It worked the second time. But now it says up above that you can vote on a daily basis, but when I try to vote again after the first initial vote, it will not let me vote anymore, nor will it let my friends. Are we doing something wrong?

  6. Hi Mariah
    Have some images to upload but not going to well, do you have file size limits? Images are between 20 to 25 mg.

  7. Hi Again
    Just tried again where I have a better internet connection, it tells me a file size of 3mg. So are you using these submissions for selecting the ones you will use then asking for full sized files to print from?
    Thanks Again

    1. Hi Dave! Yes, that's exactly right. We will be reaching out to the photographers on an individual basis to request a high-res photo of the images we choose to feature in the calendar. Thank you for participating and good luck to you!

  8. When I reduce size to 300 dpi and 5x7 file size is still over 3 mb. I reduced it to less than 5xy is that acceptable?

  9. Hello, I do not think my comment posted the first time, so I am re sending, sorry if you got it twice. I am wondering, are we allowed to post the link to your page on our personal facebook page and ask people to vote for us?

  10. I have wonderful pix of iron river area but unsure how to take my pix and make them 5x7 for submission. An Oldie but trying...

  11. I accidentally submitted the wrong photo. Can it be deleted and replaced with the correct one?

  12. Hi. I am a bit confused. It says the contest ended yesterday but in the rules and regulations it says electronic submissions can be made until Aug. 31. So does voting end on 7/31 or 8/31? A bit confused. Thank you.

  13. I realized that my photos are not the required 300dpi - can I fix them and reenter them - if so can I delete the original entries? Thank you!

    1. Hi Hayley. Unfortunately the photo contest has closed, so no more entries will be looked at. We are in the final steps of the decision-making process, however, and will contact you if we need a different resolution of your photos. Thanks for entering!

  14. I recently enter a photo, but I don't recall changing the default month from January to June. I'm not sure if it makes a difference. Thank you.

  15. Hello I submitted my photo at 180 dpi. I did not notice the dpi requirement. Is it possible to upload a 300 dpi version now that I’ve already submitted?

    1. Hi Noah! You can delete your submission and upload a new one to fit the requirements. Otherwise you can leave it as is and we will reach out to the finalists for a high-resolution copy of their photo for consideration at that time.

  16. Good Morning, just finished uploading my entries for this year, just wanted to let you know you have my permission to use any of these images for any purpose you like whether they are used in the calendar or not. Tourism is critical to the economy in DC and I very much support what you do for that.

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