/ Ride Wisconsin: 6 top motorcycling destinations

Ride Wisconsin: 6 top motorcycling destinations

Motorcycling in WisconsinWhether you’re a serious rider or a weekend warrior, Wisconsin is a top destination for motorcyclists. We love journeying the state by motorcycle so much, we've actually filmed a few episodes of Discover Wisconsin devoted entirely to our fellow motorcycling enthusiasts. Here are a few of our favorite places to discover by motorcycle:

  1. Bayfield County — With 86 miles of Lake Superior shoreline, Bayfield County is located at the very top of the state and offers a spectacular ride through Washburn, Bayfield and the south shore harbor towns. There’s the Apostle Island National Lakeshore, Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and countless other amazing ride-to destinations.
  2. Driftless Area — This stunning region in western Wisconsin is characterized by its rocky cliffs and rugged terrain, making it ideal for motorcyclists. The Driftless Area’s diversity means riders can enjoy everything from forested hillsides and trout streams, wetlands and grasslands. Bottom line? It’s remarkable.
  3. Platteville — I love the land around Platteville because it swiftly shifts from flat farmland to hilly countryside. The Mining Museum, Steve’s Pizza and the iconic “M” all make for great stops along your trip.
  4. Monroe — The “Swiss Cheese Capital of the USA” is definitely a biker-friendly town. Riding through Monroe, you’ll get a true flavor of Wisconsin: the openness of the country roads, rural farmland and a lively town and wonderful community. Cheese Days – which occurs during the 3rd weekend of September in even numbered years – is a popular destination for motorcyclists as well.
  5. Milwaukee — As the home of one of the most celebrated motorcycle brands in the world, riding enthusiasts love exploring in and around Wisconsin’s largest city. Check out the Harley-Davidson Museum, partake in a motorcycle rally or cruise solo along the coast of Lake Michigan.
  6. Tomahawk — Tomahawk’s motorcycling gem is Route 107 – it’s simply irresistible thanks to its path along the Wisconsin River, where you’ll likely spot eagles and other wildlife. Riders can cruise country roads, cross the veterans memorial bridge for a view of the Wisconsin River and take a break downtown for a little thrifting at Tomahawk’s eclectic shops. There’s also the Tomahawk Fall Ride, which takes place the second weekend after Labor Day and attracts about 35,000 to 50,000 bikers to the area.

From top to bottom, Wisconsin is home to some gorgeous motorcycling routes. Which one’s your favorite?

18 comments on “Ride Wisconsin: 6 top motorcycling destinations”

  1. You totally left out HWY 35? Between Prairie Du Chein and LaCrosse. That is the absolute best on a bike.

  2. Don't forget hwy 60 around Lodi and Sauk Prairie. Especially taking the Merrimac Ferry after crossing the Baraboo ridges.

  3. As a top-6 list, there is a lot to be left to personal taste. If you are on a motorcycle and are looking for amazing scenery and twisty roads, there is no way to limit the list to 6. If Milwaukee is listed in the top 100, it is a motorcycle oriented destination, not necessarily a destination to go to on a motorcycle. Bottom line, just go ride...

  4. There is only 1 road I can think of that encompasses the whole riding experience. This road travels from small towns to large cities, it's a 4 lane highway and country roads; it traverses the total of landscapes from the prairies, farm lands, rivers and lakes, rolling hills and deep forests; I of course speak of Wisconsin's version of route 66. Highway 51 starts in Beloit at the Illinois border and goes north through the entire state to Ironwood and the Michigan U.P. border.
    I ride this road a couple times a year and find something new each time. So sit down, rev it up, and enjoy the journey.

  5. Waupaca and the surrounding area has great country roads and astonishing scenery. If you get the chance check it out!

  6. Probably the best riding in Southeastern Wisconsin would have to be the "Scenic Drives" of the Nothern and Southern Units of Kettle Moraine Forest

    1. Thank you I was scrolling like there’s no way door county’s not on here cave point alone, not to mention the winding road that leads to the ferry

  7. Looking for recommendations, for a scenic paved ride, of the western side heading towards central area, for my Sons Memorial Bike & Truck Run.
    Thank you!

  8. Nothing like Buffalo County, lots of winding hills, the Mississippi River and Buckknukles Roadside Bar on Hwy 88 in Praag, WI, Just a little North of Cream.. WI.

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