/ These 8 Dining Destinations are Incredibly Unique...

These 8 Dining Destinations are Incredibly Unique...

It’s no secret there is a plethora of great dining establishments all over the state, but here in Dairyland, we’re blessed to have four seasons of great weather to savor them! All across the Wisconsin landscape you can find places that offer great food served with a side of great scenery…

  1. Suncrest Gardens Farm (Cochrane)
    Suncrest Gardens Farm in Cochrane

    Along the western part of the state in the Mississippi River Valley are a slew of pizza farms. In Cochrane, you can visit Suncrest Gardens Farm where from June through July on Thursdays and Fridays from 4:30-8:30 p.m. you can get a made-to-order pizza with vegetables pulled straight from the farm. Nestled in the Jaeger valley, this small family farm is a great place to take the family for an evening of great food, fun and relaxation out in the country.
  2. Nelson Stone Barn (Nelson)
    Nelson Stone Barn in Nelson

    A bit further up the valley in Nelson lays the historic Nelson Stone Barn. Serving wood-fired pizza with local ingredients, the food is as spectacular as the surroundings. Nestled in a rural part of the valley and surrounded by cornfields and lush green grass, it is as much a feast for your eyes as it is for your stomach.
  3. Vino in the Valley (Maiden Rock)
    Vino in the Valley in Maiden Rock

    Even further north in Maiden Rock, it’s all about the great vino, view and vibe at Vino in the Valley, an outdoor dining experience.  An Italian menu features local Wisconsin Mozzarella made nearby at Ellsworth Co-Op Creamery. Guests enjoy Italian specialties while taking in the stunning views of the vineyard or embarking on a carriage ride along the Rush River.
  4. Campo di Bella (Mount Horeb)
    Campo di Bella in Mount Horeb

    If you’re in the mood for a four-course meal served outdoors on a farm prepared by local chefs using local ingredients, head to the southern part of the state in rural Mount Horeb at Campo Di Bella. Here, the Bellazini family grows and raises much of the food they prepare for guests twice a month.
  5. Outstanding in the Field (Various)
    Outstanding in the Field in Door County
    Or you can always make a reservation at an Outstanding in the Field event. Founded by California native Jim Denevan, this travelling food tour has made several stops in Wisconsin over the years highlighting the farmers who grow the food we eat. You may recognize Outstanding in the Field’s iconic staple: One incredible long picnic table.

While many of these destinations offer outdoor dining experiences, there are a number of indoor restaurants that do a great job highlighting Wisconsin’s wonderful products! Dining at these restaurants evokes the feeling of eating fresh from the field to the fork:
6. Braise (Milwaukee)
Braise in Milwaukee

Another epicurean adventure that will leave you full and satisfied is a farm dinner held by Executive Chef Dave Swanson who owns Braise restaurant in Milwaukee’s diverse Walker’s Point neighborhood. Each year, during the summer months, Chef Swanson holds three-course farm dinners at his Restaurant Supported Agriculture Farms to show patrons where many local restaurants’ food is grown and produced. So whether you’re dining inside Braise restaurant or partaking at one of Chef Swanson’s partner farms, you’re sure to have a great dining experience!
7. Christian’s Bistro (Plover)
Christian's Bistro in Plover

In the central part of the state, Chef Christian Czerwonka who owns Christian’s Bistro in Plover, uses ingredients from area farms to create his ever-changing, seasonal menu. Chef Christian often visits the farms himself to see what’s fresh and available for cooking inspiration.
8. Farm Table (Amery)
Farm Table in Amery

There’s also Chef Jesse Spitzack of Farm Table in Amery, who creates seasonal menus that feature products grown or produced a few miles away at local farms and creameries.
With the vast variety of locally produced cheeses and farm grown vegetables our state offers, you can be sure that you’re never too far from your next great meal!

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