/ Uniquely Wisconsin: Sauk County

Uniquely Wisconsin: Sauk County

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Looking for a distinct Wisconsin destination to escape? Head to Sauk County–home to an array of unique, Wisconsin experiences. Along the way, meet the amazing employees of Ishnala Supper Club and performers at the American Players Theatre, who share their stories and make these venues magical. Gather around and let the story-telling begin! 

#1 Supper Club in the Midwest: Behind the Counter

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Surrounded by tall pines and overlooking stunning Mirror Lake in Mirror Lake State Park, Sauk County is home to the #1 supper club in the Midwest, Ishnala Supper Club.

From the rich history dating back to 1826 to what Ishnala is known for today, customers are sure to experience gorgeous views, delicious dishes, world famous Old Fashioneds (of course!) and exceptional service when dining at this truly classic Wisconsin supper club. 

With an average of 500 to 600 people served per night, the magic at Ishnala doesn’t just happen. Visit the Uniquely Wisconsin YouTube channel for a look behind the counter at the teamwork that goes into producing the quality and quantity of food that the supper club has maintained for many years.

From the chefs in the kitchen and servers on the floor to the management team and ownership, Ishnala’s employees are integral to the success of serving every customer that comes through their doors. “It’s not the number of people we serve, it is the number of people we please.”

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Shakespeare’s Nature: American Players Theatre

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Nestled in the rolling green hills of Sauk County sits American Players Theatre, an outdoor venue that brings to life Shakespeare, Austen, Rostand and all the greats under the Wisconsin sky and stars.  Founded in 1977, American Players Theatre has a nationally recognized reputation for presenting the highest quality theater. Since its early days, the theater company has profoundly grown, now seating over 110,000 people each season from all over the nation.

It is the people at APT that make the magic happen. A look behind the curtain sees a costume shop that rivals any Broadway venue, world class performances driven by amazing performers and a large crew of artists, craftsmen, writers and designers that call Sauk County home.

“People are sometimes surprised to come to this town in the middle of nowhere,” said Sara Young, APT managing director. “We are on 110 acres and our guests have to leave their life behind. When they get out here, they can concentrate on being with friends, picnicking and then seeing an amazing show.”

American Players Theatre provides an experience unlike any other and has done so for many years. 

“For a lot of people that come to APT, this is the only theater they come to, they aren't ‘theater goers,’ they are ‘APT goers,’ and this is their theater,” said Colleen Madden, an actor with the company. “For the audience and actors, you're really in it and time sort of stops. And all of a sudden the air becomes liquid, and you are in this environment with other people, and you are making something together. It's that feeling of stopping time for a moment.”

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There’s no doubt there’s magic in the air when you visit Sauk County. But it’s more than just a place, it’s the people that make Sauk County an extraordinary escape. Offering authentic Wisconsin experiences, whether you dine at Ishnala Supper Club or stop by the American Players Theatre, Sauk County is unique inside and out.

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