Cold Weather Adventures in Rhinelander…When Winter Returns

Hailey Rose

February 6, 2024

Photo Credit: Explore Rhinelander via Facebook

Ready to brave the cold? When winter returns, bundle up and venture up North to experience the endless cold weather adventures in Rhinelander, Wisconsin! From abundant winter trails and outdoor fun to the iconic Hodag Dome, you’re in for a blast. Keep reading and let the winter fun begin!

Winter Trails

Photo Credit: Explore Rhinelander via Facebook

To kick off the cold weather adventures in Rhinelander, we’re hitting the winter trails! Rhinelander is home to a plethora of scenic trails, ideal for hiking, snowshoeing, fat-tire biking, and cross-country skiing. 

For hikers, you’ll want to add Washburn Lake Trail to your list. This 15-mile trail guides you through the beautiful snowy landscapes of the Northwoods, with vast, hilly terrain and dense forest.

Another must-explore is Enterprise County Trail, open for snowshoeing, fat-tire biking, and even backcountry skiing! Along the seven miles of scenery, keep an eye out for the native Northwoods wildlife–from birds to deer.

The adventure doesn’t stop there…At Northwood Golf Club, discover the Northwoods Nordic Ski Trails! These trails are groomed to near perfection, offering 8 miles of pristine path. Glide with ease beneath the snowy treetops. 

Outdoor Fun

Photo Credit: Camp 10 Ski Area via Facebook

More cold weather adventures in Rhinelander are coming…let’s dive into some outdoor fun! Rhinelander has it all, whether you love snowmobiling, tubing, ice skating, ice fishing, or downhill skiing. 

Full speed ahead, as we rev up our snowmobiles! Rhinelander, and the surrounding Northwoods, is a hub of snowmobiling fun. Thanks to Hodag Sno-Trails, the nearly 150 trails are always in top-notch condition. Make a day of it and ride these remarkable Rhinelander trails, which connect to surrounding communities across the Northwoods.

For more outdoor fun, head to Northwood Golf Club for some of the best tubing in the area! Partnering with the Nordic Ski Club, Northwood Golf Club strives to create the ultimate winter wonderland. Soar down the snowy driving range hill and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Time to lace up your skates! Pioneer Park, here we come. The historic outdoor ice rink has offered and continues to offer visitors and locals alike the opportunity to skate among the crisp, fresh air.

From one icy adventure to another, ice fishing is a must when you’re in the Northwoods. Test your luck on the frozen lakes of Rhinelander. To name a few hotspots, check out Boom Lake, Willow Flowage, and Lake George for a chance at a big catch.

Last but not least on the endless list of outdoor fun, hit the slopes and go downhill skiing! Just south of Rhinelander lies Camp 10 Ski Area–an ideal skiing destination for friends and families. The best part? Rentals are available right on-site. With 15 different runs, you won’t want to miss this.

Hodag Dome

Photo Credit: Explore Rhinelander via Facebook

We couldn’t complete our guide of cold weather adventures in Rhinelander without mentioning the iconic Hodag Dome. While the dome is used year-round, during the winter, it is the center of ALL the action. 

The 128,000-square-foot dome transforms into an impressive indoor playground! To note, there’s a 100m track, designated community walking area, sporting courts, batting cages, and even open turf. And these are only a few! 

In addition to its unique features, the dome hosts a variety of winter events. Among the many, there are lawn games–including bocce ball and cornhole–leagues, and even tournaments! The dome is dedicated to connecting the community together as well as keeping the community happy and healthy throughout the cold winter months. 

Your cold weather adventures in Rhinelander await when winter returns! Grab your gear and make the trek to the Northwoods. Whether you explore the winter trails, hubs of outdoor fun, or the iconic Hodag Dome, Rhinelander will leave you with long-lasting memories in the wintertime.

Hailey Rose: Writer for Discover Mediaworks. A born & bred Wisconsinite with a love for fishing, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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