Fueling Wisconsin

Kortnee Hass

August 6, 2020

Energy! What does it mean to people and how does it help us throughout our day? Enbridge’s energy infrastructure has helped fuel quality of life in Wisconsin for 70 years. The pipelines deliver the products that heat homes and businesses, fuel vehicles and power industry across the state.

What does energy mean to Wisconsinites?

Life takes energy: to heat our homes, to feed our families, to fuel our vehicles. Did you know that one barrel of oil can produce about 20 gallons of gasoline, 12 gallons of diesel, three gallons of jet fuel, and just over seven gallons of other products? It’s hard to think of things that don’t require the use of energy. Even people living off the grid need fuel for generators. Electric vehicles have plastic components in order to stay lightweight for efficiency. Shipping anything from hospital supplies, to grocery items requires energy.
Crude oil is refined into petroleum products that are used to create the items that help us make the most of Wisconsin’s seasons.

  • Fueling Summer – from camping to backyard grilling.

  • Fueling Fall – from playing in the brisk Wisconsin autumn air, to harvesting and getting food to our farmers-markets, to school bus rides, and fall color tours.

  • Fueling Winter – from enjoying the snowy outdoors to those pesky snow removal chores, to just staying warm during Wisconsin’s notorious winters.

Here are a few more activities you do every day that require energy:

  • Industry – supply chain, fueling machines, personal travel, plastic parts
  • Business – getting to work, transporting supplies to work, shipping products to customers, heating and cooling, cooking
  • Recreation – motorboats, plastic kayaks, snowmobiles, plastic sleds, carbon fiber cross-country skis and carbon fiber bicycles, driving to from place to place
  • Personal – driving to the store, receiving packages, heating home, fueling stoves, cleaning supplies, maintenance tools like snow blowers and lawnmowers.

Over seven decades, Enbridge operations in Wisconsin have supported local employees, contractors and communities across the state, along the company’s underground pipeline systems.

Enbridge in Wisconsin: Health, Safety, Environment and Community

Since 1949, Enbridge’s employees and contractors have lived and worked in communities throughout Wisconsin as colleagues, neighbors and friends. Enbridge has also been part of Wisconsin’s economic and social fabric for 70 years. In 2019:

  • Enbridge’s workforce included 348 Wisconsin-based permanent and temporary employees, and provisioned contractors;
  • Enbridge paid more than $25.6 million in base salary to its Wisconsin-based permanent and temporary employees – much of that doing directly into the state’s economy;
  • On a national scale, Enbridge had an American workforce of 4,072 permanent and temporary employees, and provisioned contractors;
  • Enbridge paid $35.1 million into property taxes across Wisconsin for the pipelines and related facilities, such as terminals, storage facilities and pump/compressor stations;
  • Enbridge invested $311,000 in community-strengthening initiatives across Wisconsin—and supported numerous not-for-profit agencies in the state – aligned to their four focus areas of health and safety, environment, and community; and
  • Across the U.S., Enbridge invested more than $5.2 million in communities near their pipelines, projects and facilities, supporting initiatives that focus on health and safety, environment, and community.

Being a Good Wisconsin Neighbor

Being a good neighbor has always been a top priority for Enbridge, and they work hard to live up to that “good neighbor” status in a variety of ways—economically, socially, and culturally. As a company, and as individuals who live and work in communities across Wisconsin, Enbridge wants to make Wisconsin communities safer, healthier, smarter, greener, more enriching, and more inspiring.
Enbridge places a high value on quality of life in their communities. Enbridge invests in programs, organizations, and initiatives that focus on health and safety, environment and community. Enbridge’s Emergency Responder Education Program equips first responders and 9-1-1 dispatchers with the essential information they need to respond in the unlikely event of a pipeline incident, through free, unlimited, online training. And through their public awareness programs, Enbridge engages in an open dialogue with their neighbors in the communities near their projects and operations, providing pipeline safety information to the people who live and work along their pipeline routes.

Read more about Enbridge’s work with Wisconsin communities:

Enbridge delivers the energy that fuels the quality of life. Enbridge safely connects North America’s rich energy supply with communities across the continent – and beyond. Enbridge is North America’s leading energy infrastructure company. They have evolved to meet the growing global energy needs – delivering the energy mix of today and tomorrow, and helping meet those needs in ways that are ethical, sustainable and socially responsible. Learn more at enbridge.com/Wisconsin.

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