New Richmond

2020 Season - Episode 11

Host Collin Geraghty heads to the edge of the state for this episode, the Western edge. Not too far from the Twin Cities, and short drive from the St. Croix River, the DW crew flies into New Richmond on a Cessna 172 Skyhawk airplane, landing at New Richmond’s own Regional Airport. There’s so much to explore here, but Collin had to stop at 45th Parallel Distillery, where he sits down with the owner and master distiller to hear about how far they’ve come since being the second distillery established in the state. The crew also pulls aside AJ Diemel at Cedar Lake Speedway, who is racing to win $50,000 at the USA Nationals weekend. And later, Collin meets up with Mike Deneen from Willow River Kayaks at the Upper Willow River path. Collin and Mike take their time kayaking down the well-maintained Willow River that runs right through town, providing a very different perspective on the city.


So grab a paddle, and head north. It’s waiting for you.


  • New Richmond

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