Oneida Nation

2020 Season - Episode 1

Take in the history, beauty, and hospitality of the Oneida Nation, whose reservation is located in parts of Brown and Outagamie counties. Starting at the Oneida Nation Museum, learn about the tribe’s history, including the struggles and triumphs of American Indians in Wisconsin, and check out artifacts that give a glimpse into the Oneida’s culture. Land preservation is also an important mission of the Oneida Nation. Thornberry Creek Golf Course and the Amelia Cornelius Culture Park are just two of the places visitors can enjoy when they visit. And one of the best ways to experience Oneida culture? The annual Fourth of July Pow Wow. This event is a chance for the Oneida Nation to share their stories, and invite the public to join in the festivities. From the wetlands to the farmlands, and the many cultural festivals in between, the Oneida Nation is truly an amazing and welcoming area to visit.


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