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November 10, 2015

Imagine hardcore nature lovers trading in their need for peace and quiet for an opportunity to introduce their inner 10-year old to their actual 10-year old. Think ice cream buffets in the middle of the woods, hiking a trail that leads to a miniature golf course or sleeping in some unusual structures like a covered wagon or a rock star tour bus. There’s a band of campsites spanning the state known as Camping for the Fun of It and Bud Styer is the master marketer for the unique brand.

“Hopefully we can have one-of-a-kind types of experiences,” says Styer, who owns a Camping for the Fun of It campsite in Lodi called Smokey Hollow.  One of Styer’s favorite features at Smokey Hollow is the towering 15-foot shopping cart with a 350 V8 engine that seats eight kids. Styer doesn’t just drive the cart. He’s the driving force behind everything that’s fun and unique. “Shopping cart. I don’t think anybody has one. Pumpkin coach? Don’t think anybody has one. Saturday night blinky parades? We take everything that lights up. Everybody has every conceivable thing that blinks and glows and you have a parade in the dark. Isn’t that fun?” Styer asks. It IS fun, we say!

Headed north to the Stevens Point area? Try a Camping for the Fun of It campground called River’s Edge. They have great fishing there.

Going to the south central part of the state? There’s one called Jellystone in Fort Atkinson. They celebrate Halloween and kids go trick-or-treating from campsite to campsite.
Live near Milwaukee and looking for a quick day trip? River Bend in Watertown has an impressive waterpark.

We’ve experienced six of the 13 Camping for the Fun of It campgrounds and it’s clear that each one is different from the other, so check out the website, www.campingforthefunofit.com, to make sure the campground of your choice has the features you’re seeking.
You can still bring your own campers and tents. The night sky is still just as beautiful and those bonding moments around the campfire are always going to be the best part of camping. These special kid-friendly grounds only add to what can be the best memory-making experiences for any family.

Jodi Lyon is a writer/producer for Discover Wisconsin. Stream Discover Wisconsin online at discoverwisconsin.com or watch Saturdays at 10 a.m. on FSN Wisconsin’s outdoor block.

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