/ Best Places to Get a Bloody Mary in Wisconsin

Best Places to Get a Bloody Mary in Wisconsin

Fact: Wisconsin has mastered the "World's Most Complex Cocktail." This should shock no one. Have your happy cows, California, and your Land of 10k lakes, Minnesota, but when it comes to vodka and tomato juice, that crown belongs to Wisco.
From the classic Bloody Mary with a touch of spice to "Would you like a bacon cheeseburger atop your beverage?", the sky is the limit here. Because, you know, we're a "Go Big or Go Home" kinda state. That's just how we do.
Allow me to share just a few of Wisconsin's top spots for a good ol' Bloody Mary. (Psst! Don't see your favorite spot listed? Give 'em a shout-out in the comments below!)

4thBase_WestAllis24th Base (West Milwaukee)
Every Bloody Mary you order at 4th Base is made by hand with homemade ingredients - none of that pre-made stuff. The team at 4th Base adds and shakes all ingredients together and then tops these bad boys with fresh vegetables and their house haystack onion rings. (Healthy veggies + deep-fried combo = You win, 4th Base.)

Old Fashioned

Photo by Tania Twining

The Old Fashioned (Madison)
The Old-Fashioned located on the capitol square is a Madison staple. The restaurant is Wisconsin-themed, so naturally, their Bloody Mary is, too. In it, you'll find beef jerky, fresh squeaky cheese curds, a pickled egg and a classic pickle! Thank you, The Old-Fashioned for reminding us of how awesome this state is via a delicious Bloody Mary. Cheers!

Photo by Samantha Jo Boucher

Photo by Samantha Jo Boucher

The Wooden Shoe Bar & Grill (Lena)
Now we're heading to northeastern Wisconsin to Oconto County or more specifically, The Wooden Shoe in Lena. This monster of a Bloody Mary is more Wisconsin goodness with fried cheese curds, bacon, cheese, pickles and the works. The unique touch here though has to be the glassware.

Photo by Katie Helscher
Husby's Food and Spirits (Sister Bay)
This Door County locale in downtown Sister Bay knows a thing or two about mastering the art of the Bloody Mary. They stick to the classic ingredients and throw in an ounce of Guinness for a touch of uniqueness. Me likey.

Sobelmans Pub n GrillSobelmans Pub n Grill (Milwaukee)
Sobelmans is a must for anyone who appreciates a wild spin on this classic beverage. Choose between The MasterPiece (which balances a massive burger on top), The Crown Mary (featuring an upside-down Corona), The Baconado (obviously, there's a bacon tower involved) or The Beast (lots of protein). Just bring an open mind and a huge appetite and don't forget your chaser of Sprecher!

Photo by Dan Seidensticker, BestBloodyMary.comGreen Dragon BrewPub (Fond du Lac)
The Green Dragon in Fond du Lac takes its Bloody Marys very seriously. For starters, their Bloody Mary Mix is made from scratch. Then they take the time to keenly craft some of the most insane Bloodies I've ever seen. This is art in a glass, people! Stop by on Sundays for a Gourmet Bloody Mary - their team concocts a brand new themed cocktail each and every week.


Photo by Dan Seidensticker,

Wicked Hop (Milwaukee)
Another fan favorite in the Milwaukee area, Wicked Hop boasts all the great fixings in its Bloody Marys, from mozzarella whips to a beef stick. For the hard core Bloody Mary zealot, elect for the option to "double up" on everything.

Mulligans in Lakewood
Mulligans (Lakewood)
It's been said that Pam's Famous Bloody Mary is the best in the Northwoods - some would even call it the best in America. Check out this ingredient list: pickled egg, brussel sprout, tomato, green beans, smoked sausage stick, mozzarella cheese stick, pickled cauliflower, pretzels, garlic bread, pickled carrot slices, dill pickle Spear, celery and more!

Rustys Backwater Saloon_StevensPointRusty's Backwater Saloon (Stevens Point)
Round up your best pals and head to this backwoods hideaway in Stevens Point. The Bloody Marys here are downright magical. Starting with a solid vodka mix, things only get better with the pickle, pepperoncini, crushed garlic, banana pepper rings and a delicious beef stick. Now that's a hangover helper if I ever did hear of one!
DelsBarDel's Bar (La Crosse)
When I asked folks on Facebook for their favorite spots in Wisconsin for a Bloody Mary, I can’t say I was surprised to see Del’s Bar in La Crosse was a popular choice. The team there uses a special blend of seasonings (count ‘em: seven secret spices) that they mix in-house. While they can’t divulge the full recipe, they have graciously shared with me a few of their top ingredients, which include Sacramento tomato juice, pickles with queen stuffed olives, pepper jack cheese and pickled brussel sprouts.
As for that massive festival held every fall in La Crosse, Del’s Bar whips up well over 2,000 Bloody Marys during Oktoberfest. Hooooly moley (—err Mary?)

Still craving more on Bloody Marys in Wisconsin? May I recommend checking out The Bloody Trail: In Quest of the Best Wisconsin Bloody Marys by Susan Fiebig. Or visit

Mariah Haberman is the host of the nation’s longest-running tourism TV show, Discover Wisconsin. She hails from Evansville, where she was brought up in a family of seven in a small farmhouse outside of town. Some of her favorite memories include Lake Michigan fishing trips with her Dad, showing sheep at the Rock County Fair and buzzing around the farm on an ATV with her little brother. Watch Discover Wisconsin Saturdays at 10 a.m. on FSN Wisconsin’s outdoor block.

88 comments on “Best Places to Get a Bloody Mary in Wisconsin”

  1. AWESOME list. I've tried a few of these places & will have to make it a point to check out all of them. One place not on your list that I found outrageously good is The Loaded Slate in downtown Milwaukee. Also, once a month they feature an enormous, gigantic Bloody that usually takes two people to finish!! Thanks for the information!

  2. Gateway on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage outside of Mercer. They infuse the vodka with onions, garlic, hot peppers etc. Truly a spicy and tasty!

  3. Revere's Wells Street Tavern in downtown Delafield has my vote for the best tasting not the most outrageous !!

  4. Definitely not all about the toppings! Backwoods Bar, outside Weyerhaeuser have a wonderful top secret(for good reason!) recipe for ther bloody's. Very much worth the trip!

  5. Ishnala near Wisconsin Dells has a pretty fantastic bloody as well! Topped with cheese and other goodness, paired with a chaser - an experience like none other on Mirror Lake!

    1. Yes Cheezers in Friendship Wi is awesome! The bloody Mary's are huge! Topped with 3 pizza, 15 chicken wings, 3 cheese burgers, meat sticks etc. small friendly tavern & restaurant just north on hwy 13 from down town Friendship.

  6. I just visited Brackett Bar in Brackett, WI this past weekend (by Fall River) and they have a 'loaded bloody' that is right up there!! I exclaimed at the time that it was the BEST bloody I have had in a while!

  7. What about Wild and Crazy Gourmet Bloody Marys. Big event coming up on Sunday. Check the Facebook page for details. Best bloodies ever!!!!

  8. Two of a Kind! Dundas Wi.
    $ 10 dollars Ultimate Bloody Mary's. Small slider cheese whips pickled or hard boiled eggs pickles beef sticks onion rings etc........Also best burgers, soups,and Prime rib sandwich

  9. A big THANK YOU to Mariah for mentioning my book in this column! I have checked out most of her choices for Best Bloodys in WI, but I am still on 'the trail' to discover more for my 2nd book. I will definitely check out those suggested here by your readers. Thank you, again, for the link.

  10. I love a good Bloody! My only concern is a majority use Clamato juice, to us with severe fish related allergies it's death in a glass. 🙁
    1 that is not on your list but definitely should be is MD'S Bar in Holcombe,Wi.

  11. Awesome info! The Hide Away on Wisconsin Ave. In Appleton WI. Are also known for there famous bloody Mary! Delicious! They make there very own mix and I Love it!

  12. Skip's Friendly Village, 5321 Jefferson St. Afton, Wisconsin. Their Bloody "STUMPS" Mary's are the BOMB, and if you know STUMPS, you'll know what I'm talking about. Along with burgers and pickles and LOTS more stuff on top!!

    1. YES...SKIP'S Friendly Village in Afton, bloody mary I've ever had....ever!! Topped with his famous "Stumps Burger" it is the YUM of bloody mary's....!!! Sausage, Cheese, Pickle, Olives, Shrimp...and the burger.

  13. Cheezers HWY 13 Friendship Wi Has a GREAT Bloody Mary,sizes to fit all, mini pizza,beef sliders, beef sticks and more,best homemade juice. Visit them on facebook

  14. You forgot the Satdium Bar & Grill in Algoma. Krystal has competed in the Absolut Best Bloddy contest two years in a row and won second place! However, her One and Done Bloddy Mary is second to none!

  15. Gordy's in Fontana has a build your own Bloody Mary bar on weekends. Let your bloody imagination run wild. Great calamari as well.

  16. Lived in Wisco 31 years; moved to Texas this past fall. They do not give chasers here.(at least the places I've tried!) So disappointing! Wisco is king for bloody's!

  17. Legends pub in Menomonie wi build you're bloody bar is amazing best in the area by far

  18. I have been to a few of these . But as it is summer I would like to hear about some river towns . I only saw one dell's in lacrosse oh and one in Prarie . What do some other towns offer along the mighty mississippi. Best food and drinks?

    1. Amanda you are so right. Roy's not only has the best homemade mix but they change it up every week with Home made ingredients that they take time to make to top off a very inexpensive but great tasting blood Mary to start your Sunday off right!

  19. Tri-Lake Timbers bar in Iron River, Wi. makes the best !! Chase it with a Leinenkugel's !!

  20. Bent's Camp in Land-O-Lakes. Great Bloody Mary without all the gimmicks, Just a great recipe and a dlll pickle spear. The view from the bar makes it even better.

  21. A shout out to Bluephies in Madison! They make several different Bloody Mary's. My favorite is the Tater Tot Bloody! Made with bacon infused vodka, topped with warm tots, sausage, cheese, and jalapeño olives! Yum!

  22. Have had many in Wisconsin and the best I have had is Roy's bar in Oshkosh. Just one of wisconsins finest hole in the wall taverns. Wish I could post pics of some of them. Each week they feature a different topping.

  23. For locals in Green Bay, I have a few...
    St. Brendan's has a pretty badass bloody. It's been a staple in the area for awhile. Nothing very showy about it, but it's got the typical beef stick/cheese/pickle combo, and the flavor is what really makes it.
    A newer fave, would have to be RumRunners. They showed up with big style in their Bloody Mary Bar. They have every possible combination you can think of with most note worthy toppings... Including shrimp. No, they don't make it for you, but if you're are a Bloody connoisseur, then you'll never be disappointed with the selection. Plus they have great staff and atmosphere for a day-drunk kind of Sunday afternoon.

  24. Two of a Kind in Dundas, WI has a great Bloody Mary which includes: onion rings, mini cheeseburger, pickle, celery, brussel sprout, pickled mushroom, regular or spicy beef stick, pickled or hard boiled egg, shrimp, cheese whips and more. Come during Testicle Festival for a double treat!

  25. Amundson's Park Island Resort on Nelson Lake in Hayward, WI
    They have a dumpster Bloodymary that's served In a bucket with over 15 items in it including a chaser and a homemade hot pickled egg. It's absolutely amazing & a must have.

  26. Splash Waterfront Bar and Grill, East side of Castle Rock Lake in Dellwood has the Best, Best, Best, Sunday Bloody Mary Bar on the planet! Can't beat it after Church on Sunday! Tee hee!

  27. Roy's Bar in Oshkosh has the best Bloody Mary's I've ever had. And like everyone else is saying, you cannot beat their price!!! They only do the "loaded" Bloody Marys on Sundays starting at 11am, but man are they good!!!! They come with all of the standard garnishes, pickles, pearl onions, etc. But they've always got a topper that they change up every week!!! AMAZING!!!!!!

  28. Not all about the toppings. For a great flavored Bloody, and just the right amount of Goodies try "MY BAR" on the Townsend Flowage

  29. Closed till the 4th of July due to fire. But these are a meal. On the Rock River Newville,WI. This whole place rocks. The weekends unforgettable. Plenty of servers so you won't get dry ice. Great food.

  30. I think that people see a pile of food on a bloody and automatically say its great. A bloody should be judged on taste and taste only or have 2 categories, taste and salad bar. Just my 2 cents!!

  31. My favorite place for a Bloody Mary is Pitliks Sand Beach Resort in Sugar Camp (near Eagle River). Best Bloody of the Northwoods! This drink is served with a pickle, pickled asparagus, pickled mushroom, brussel sprout, baby corn, shrimp, a green olive and beer chaser of course!

  32. Hookers Resort outside Portage in the country right on the Wisconsin River. They have one of the best bloody Mary's. Great place for food & entertainment. A must check out. Great ride on bike too Hookers or by water even car. You will not be disappointed.

  33. It is True the best bloody are from Wisconsin I have had them in VA. FL . So far WI. Beats by far the best. Great stuff. Yummy.

  34. Wolf's Roadhouse Inn, Thornton, WI - especially if Bonnie or Alisha make them and the cost is a mere $5.00.

  35. Come check out the Northwoods!
    Cross Country Bar and Grill, Rhinelander. Honey Bear, Eagle River.

  36. RumRunners in Green Bay is the best bloody mary around. They have a build your own bloody mary bar on Saturdays and Sundays!

  37. You have to try Tavern on Center in Florence WI!! By far, the best! 2nd best would be Two of a Kind in Dundas 🙂

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