/ Drive In to These 9 Outdoor Movie Theaters in Wisconsin!

Drive In to These 9 Outdoor Movie Theaters in Wisconsin!

Summer loving had me a blast! You are guaranteed to fall (back) in love with these beloved drive-in movie theaters. There are only nine of these unique hot spots in Wisconsin and I highly recommend you grab your own parking spot for a lovely and leisurely evening under the night sky in this refreshing summer weather, because…why catch a flick indoors when you can enjoy a show in Wisconsin’s great outdoors?
At one point in time in the late 1950’s, there were 79 drive-in theaters in Wisconsin. Now, there are only nine. Come relive fond memories and create new ones at these treasured drive-in movie theaters!
Note: Outdoor theater schedules vary widely, so make sure you check for season opening and closing dates at each theater, along with weather reports since rain may affect if it is open or not!
Even in the age of multiplex and IMAX, these 9 drive-in movie theaters will catch your attention!
Stardust Drive-In Movie Theater (Chetek)

Located two miles north of Chetek, the Stardust Twin Drive-In Movie Theater shows two new-release movies nightly for one ticket price. This theater is popular for their patio benches near the screen, as well as a playground with a circus wagon kiddie ride. Fun!
The Big Sky Drive-In (Wisconsin Dells)
Located one mile south of Wisconsin Dells, this lively drive-in movie theater is meant for a family night of fun with two full-sized outdoor screens of double features of first-run movies. Big Sky has four big shows every night of the week, rain or shine, and is open from early May until the end of September. There’s also a concession stand for all of your nightly cravings. Big tip: this drive-in movie theater is known for its delicious hamburgers…
Chilton Twilight Outdoor Theater (Chilton)
Twilight Theater

Located in Calumet County, this drive-in theater opens at 7 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday, and the first show begins at dusk. Check it out for a good time under the stars!
Field of Scenes Drive-In (Freedom)
This theater is one of the largest outdoor movie venues in the state, believe it or not. Whether you are interested in relaxing or wanting to keep in touch with your athletic side, this theater can give it all to you: Two screens, two snack bars, two volleyball courts, two kid playground areas, mini-golf and a basketball court complete all of their entertainment offerings. Field of Scene’s is open at 6 and closes at 10 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday, and movies start at dusk.
Highway 18 Outdoor Theater (Jefferson)
Highway 18
Located two miles west of Jefferson, this is a classic, 1950s-style drive-in with a single 70-foot movie screen. The lot holds 600 cars and features more than 200 restored classic car-speakers as part of their sound system. This drive-in plays first-run movies, most of which are appropriate for the whole family. Highway 18 also boasts a large playground, bar and concession stand for you, your family and friends to enjoy under the moonlight along with the peaceful sounds of the outdoors in Wisconsin!
Moonlight Outdoor Theater (Shawano)
Located in Shawano, The Moonlight Outdoor Theater was salvaged from another Wisconsin outdoor theater and placed near the indoor theater to create this drive-in. They offer bleacher seating and plenty of space for any pre-movie activities you want to bring along!
Sky-Vu Drive-In (Monroe)
Our Green County representative on this list, The Sky-Vu Drive-In Movie Theater features FM stereo sound for movies shown on its sharp image high-reflective screen. This is open every night to celebrate 61 continuous years under the stars since 1954. Woah!
Skyway Drive-In Theater (Fish Creek)
Located in Fish Creek, this family-owned theater offers a dose of nostalgia. With a 1950’s flair, this theater offers classic speakers in the first four rows, as well as sound through your car’s FM radio and, last but not least, they show cartoon advertisements created decades ago before the movie. For those who are wondering, yes, the concession stand does still sell “Pic”! What a walk down memory lane 🙂 )
The Starlite 14 Drive-In (Richland Center)
Starlite in RC
The last theater of its kind in southwestern Wisconsin, visit The Starlite 14 Drive-In Richland Center. The Starlite 14 comes with a choice of traditional speakers or car system sound and has movies every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at sunset.

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  1. Also, Starlite 14 in Richland Center you get 2 movies for the price of one and they have a great concession stand where you can get pizza, burgers, nachos, soda, candy, etc

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