/ How to Plan For National Energy Awareness Month

How to Plan For National Energy Awareness Month

October is just around the corner and guess what that means? National Energy Awareness Month! Discover Wisconsin wants to give you a deeper-dive into how you can take steps towards being more energy-efficient in your everyday life. Now is the time to help our state, learn more about the energy sources we use on a daily basis, and how we can efficiently use them moving forward!

What is National Energy Awareness Month

During the month of October, let’s all join Focus on Energy (Wisconsin’s statewide program for energy efficiency) in taking a pledge to save energy. All of us take our energy usage for granted even when we know we all need to make smarter energy decisions. That is why the U.S. Department of Energy declared October, National Energy Awareness Month. Wisconsin residents are ahead of the game when it comes to energy efficiency. 20 years ago, the state created Focus on Energy, a program that has changed how manufacturers build factories, home builders create dream homes, school districts expand, and farmers grow food and conserve the land.
One question you can begin to ask yourself is, “what energy saving actions are you taking part in to help conserve your energy use, protect our great state, and save your hard earned money?” As fall has taken over in Wisconsin (and winter weather is on it’s way), we should all start to take a closer look at how we use energy in our homes and businesses. Focus on Energy helps by reminding Wisconsinites that living an energy efficient lifestyle is always important, but should definitely be top of mind as we enter the heating season! 

How You Can Do Your Part

One easy thing that you can do this October for National Energy Awareness Month is to check up on your heating unit. If you didn’t know…the heating and cooling in your home account for nearly half of the average home’s energy usage. Some questions you can ask yourself are: has the energy bill gone up in recent months? Have I noticed a cold and uncomfortable home? Have there been any weird noises or rattles from the furnace? Is the furnace over 15 years old? 
If you answered yes (or even maybe) to any of these questions, now may be the time to get in touch with a Focus on Energy Trade Ally contractor who can help guide you through the process. You can easily find a Trade Ally contractor here. 
Our next tip to help you do your part this October is by making your Wisconsin home more efficient, thanks to the Focus on Energy Packs Program. There are a variety of different energy packs available (Focus Light Bulb Pack, Focus Decorative Light Pack, Focus Flood Light Pack, Focus Handheld Showerhead Pack, and Focus Fixed Showerhead Pack) that you can get for FREE! (**Please note, limit one free pack per three years.) Learn more about the Focus Free Packs Program here. 
If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Focus on Energy residential tab to help find the best programs for you to reduce energy waste in your own home and save money (who doesn’t love that)! There you can learn more about saving on lighting, insulating your home, renewable energy, and smart thermostats
Small changes truly can make a big difference and, Focus on Energy is committed to helping Wisconsinites meet their energy saving needs and goals with all of their programs. Not only during the month of October, but all winter long! 
About Focus on Energy: Focus on Energy is funded by 107 partnering utilities and electric cooperatives across the state. Customers of those energy providers are eligible for the expertise and financial incentives through Focus on Energy solutions and offerings. These solutions help Wisconsin homeowners, manufacturers, small business owners, farmers, municipalities and other groups reduce energy waste, energy costs and pollution.
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