/ [INFOGRAPHIC] Longest-Running Travel TV Show in U.S.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Longest-Running Travel TV Show in U.S.

This month marks not only the premiere of our 400th episode ( "A Northwoods Neighborhood" this weekend. Check our broadcast guide.) but it also marks Discover Wisconsin's 28th birthday! (*Sigh* We don't feel a day over 20...)
What started as a bold idea back in 1986 has transformed into a 28-year-long tradition and a mainstay of Midwest tourism - making Discover Wisconsin the longest-running travel TV show in the U.S.
How well do you know our show? Take a few moments to learn about our history courtesy of the infographic below. Still have questions? Leave a comment for us below!
28 Years of Discover Wisconsin

10 comments on “[INFOGRAPHIC] Longest-Running Travel TV Show in U.S.”

  1. My husband and I have been watching Discover Wisconsin since 1992. Wherever we were station, we ensured we had cable television or satellite capabilities (New Mexico) so we could get the show. It was like a taste of home every weekend for us. When I had duty, my husband would record it for me. Recently retired, my new thing is to sit with him every Saturday and watch DW over a cup of coffee. I enjoy watching what new adventure can be found in the state. Keep up the great job and tradition!

  2. Congratulations on a great show. There is so much to learn about WI and it keeps changing so keep going. Love it.

  3. I enjoy watching and finding out new things about places to go and things to do and see in WI from the show. I am new here, going on 2 years this summer.

  4. We recently moved here from PA, not knowing much about what Wisconsin has to offer. Thanks to your show, we know have destinations to try and have learned more about the area we now call home! Thank you!

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