/ America’s Bicycleland: 5x3 must-ride bike routes

America’s Bicycleland: 5x3 must-ride bike routes

As one of the top bicycle-friendly states in the U.S., Wisconsin boasts thousands of miles of fantastic bike trails. Here are five of my favorite biking communities, and three routes to explore at each:
America's Bicycleland

    Crystal Lake Trail - 14 miles, fully-paved, connects with the Plum Lake Trail and continues to the St. Germain Hike & Bike Trail. Together, all three routes form the 30+ mile paved Heart of Vilas County Hike & Bike Trail. Download the map.
    Lumberjack Trail - 12 miles, specifically maintained for mountain biking. Download the map.
    Nichol's Beach Trail - 3 miles, runs from Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce to Nichols Lake. Download the map.
    Badger State Trail - 40 miles, one of the more popular trails in the state, part of the Ice Age Trail and the only inter-state trail in the state. Download the map.
    Capital City Trail - 9 miles through Capital Spring State Recreation Area, 7 miles from Industrial Drive past the Monona Terrace through the east side of Madison, 1 mile from Verona Road to Military Ridge. Download the map.
    Cannonball Path - 4 miles, paved trail constructed on the abandoned Union Pacific Railroad corridor that runs from the Beltline to McKee Road. Download the map.
    400 State Trail - 18 miles, located between Reedsburg and Elroy, plenty of rolling farmland and diverse wildlife. Download the map.
    Elroy-Sparta State Trail - 32 miles, passes through unglaciated areas of Wisconsin, neat bridges and tunnels along your way. Download the map.
    La Crosse State Bike Trail - 22 miles, packed-limestone screenings provide a smoother trail, wonderful trout streams and hardwood forests along the way. Download the map.
  4. Biking in Wis ST. GERMAIN
    St. Germain Bike & Hike Trail - 12 miles, paved trail winds along highways 70 and C and through Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest. Download the map.
    Awassa Preserve & Hiking Trail - 5 miles, perfect trail for beginner bikers, meanders through stands of mature pines, oaks, maples and balsam firs. Download the map.
    Shannon Lake Trail - 7 miles, gently rolling trail loops around Shannon Lake and past a variety of northern hardwoods. Download the map.
    Green Circle Trail - 26 miles, loops through Stevens Point area and connects more than 20 miles of additional trails. Download the map.
    Tomorrow River State Trail - 30 miles, abandoned railroad corridor through rural landscapes. Download the map.
    Standing Rocks Park - 23 miles, plenty of climbs, roots and rocks that wind through the wooded park, which is situated on 524 acres. Download the map.

Regardless of your riding level, Wisconsin provides a plethora of fun, healthy bicycling experiences to be enjoyed by everyone in the family. We are, after all, America's Bicycleland! A few other places we've biked over the years include Burlington, Jefferson County, Menomonie and more. Got a fave? Leave a comment below.

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  1. The link for the Tomorrow River trail above is wrong. It opens the same PDF map of the Green Circle Trail instead.

    1. Hi Tom! The previous map included the Tomorrow River Trail but it was on the very last page. We've updated the post to include a more detailed map. We've also updated the Standing Rocks Trail map. Thanks for your comment!

    1. Hi Tom! The Standing Rocks map should be working just fine now - it opens a PDF which is available for download. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Mariah for this article. Will it be a future show? I have been wanting to do more biking and look forward to doing some in Wisconsin. What's your favorite, and would you like to go?

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