/ The Ultimate Insider’s Guide: Summer in St. Germain

The Ultimate Insider’s Guide: Summer in St. Germain

St. Germain is a true Northwoods must-visit destination. From the hiking and biking trails to explore the many lakes, there is so much to do in the area all summer long! Whether you’re wanting to spend a quiet day on the lake boating or you want to bike the entire Heart of Vilas Trail, you can find your flavor of fun in St. Germain. Let’s dive deeper into the ultimate guide for a summer getaway in St. Germain! 

Biking the Heart of Vilas

Photo Credit: St. Germain Chamber of Commerce

Explore not only St. Germain but the entire Northwoods on two-wheels along the Heart of Vilas County Bike Trail System! This bike trail has over 52 miles of paved trails and has easy access right in St. Germain. You can hop on the trail right at the St. Germain Chamber of Commerce! From there, you can ride along the trail all the way to Mercer, if you wish. 
Two shorter rides include the St. Germain Chamber up to Sayner and the St. Germain Chamber  to Highway O. From the chamber to Sayner, the ride is approximately 8.5 miles. This ride goes through the rolling terrain of the Northwoods and includes some difficult and steep hills but makes for a great day trip! The best part about this part of the Heart of Vilas County Bike Trail is that it takes you right through the heart of the Northwoods and makes for the perfect day trip with a great distance and a great stopping point halfway through your trip!
From the chamber to Highway O, you can expect a 5.5-mile ride of flat terrain. This may make for an easier and more enjoyable family ride! With this ride, you will go right through the heart and downtown district of St. Germain where you can find coffee shops, restaurants, and places to stop for a break along the way! 
With the Heart of Vilas County Bike Trail System, you can truly explore the entire county by bike with ease. One of the best parts about St. Germain being right at the tail end of the trail is that you can explore it all, or bits and pieces! To note, there are plenty of stops along the entire trail for scenic rest points, picnics, and even restrooms. If you’re not wanting to do the entire trail while staying in St. Germain and want to see different parts of the Northwoods, there are 20 different parking areas that you can drive to and get on the trail there! Learn more about the Heart of Vilas County Bike Trail System and get a map here. 

Life on The Lake

Photo Credit: St. Germain Chamber of Commerce

You really can’t make a trip to the Northwoods and St. Germain without exploring the water-life in the area! There are thousands of acres of lakes, rivers, and streams to explore by boat, paddleboard, kayak, canoe, and more. 
Big St. Germain Lake and Little St. Germain Lake are two of the best places to get out and take a dip in the area. Bit St. Germain is a very lively lake with tubers, skiers, paddleboarders, and pretty much anything out there exploring and enjoying lake life! If you don’t have your own water toys to bring with you, there are plenty of ways for you to rent them to experience a true St. Germain vacation. A few places you can rent out your preferred watercraft are at St. Germain Rentals and St. Germain Sport Marine. Or if you are wanting to take a scenic excursion along the Wisconsin River, you can go tubing with Hawks Nest Outfitters just a few miles east of St. Germain. 
If you’re wanting to get out on a paddleboard or kayak to explore the lakes that way, be sure to check out YOGA Paddler. Their location is right along the shores of Big St. Germain, making it extremely easy to head out and explore the area right away! Along with their rentals, YOGA Paddler also has classes all week long for those who are interested in Yoga on the Beach, Stand UP Paddle Yoga, and Night Paddle Outings. Learn more about the events and classes they offer up all summer long by clicking here.
And if you’re a bigger fishing fan, St. Germain is a great destination for you. The pristine waterways make for a fisherman's paradise to reel in some of the greatest world-class catches! Beginners and expert anglers alike can get the experience of their dreams with some of the best fishing guides in the Northwoods. You can find local fishing guides in the St. Germain area by clicking here. 

Hiking the Local Trails

Photo Credit: St. Germain Chamber of Commerce

The outdoors is a very special piece of the Northwoods style and in the summers you’ll want to make sure you take a trip along the trails! There is plenty of trails in the St. Germain area that are available for all ability levels. The first, Awassa Nature Preserve and Hiking Trail, is a great trail that is definitely worth taking a hike along especially with beginners! Not only is this trail great for those who are looking for a less strenuous walk but it is also wheelchair accessible. 
Next up is the Fern Ridge Trail which is a bit of a harder trail that is about 1.4 miles long. The local nature really shines through on this trail with wildflowers, trees, and even some pops of wildlife! This trail has benches throughout as well if you’re wanting to sit back and take it all in or just want to take a little break!
The other trail that is a mix for beginners, as well as intermediate hikers, is the Shannon Lake Trail. Loops of this trail range from 1.9 to 6.5 miles long and offers a great variety for small and large groups! It meanders through the serene Northwoods and provides peaceful and elegant lake views throughout.  Bringing your doggo with you up north? Pack fido up for the hike because the trail is dog friendly! 
Get more inside details on the trails throughout St. Germain in ‘4 Trails to Explore This Summer in St. Germain’ on The Bobber. Click here

St. Germain is truly a year-round destination but something about spending the summers in the Northwoods, on the lake, and getting out for a bit of exercise, really does sound like a dreamcation. What is your favorite summer activity in St. Germain? Let us know in the comments below!

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