The Best of 2021 on The Cabin Podcast

Kortnee Hass

December 31, 2021

2021 has been an incredible year for The Cabin Podcast! This newer brand of Discover Wisconsin continues to be fun, exciting, challenging, and allows us to branch out in Wisconsin in all new ways and talk to all kinds of people throughout the state. As we come to the end of the year, the Cabin Crew is bringing you a review of the top 10 most downloaded podcast episodes of 2021, all compiled right here on Episode 103, or keep reading below to see the top picks and listen in directly to the episode mentioned! 

#10: Episode 63: “That’s a Wrap: Mariah’s Last Show”

It’s a bittersweet day in the Cabin as we record Mariah’s last episode! After 8 amazing years of Discover Wisconsin, she’s heading south to pursue a new opportunity, but we couldn’t let her get away without reviewing her favorite memories, episodes, and experiences on the show. Tune in to hear this final conversation with our co-host, Mariah Haberman. 

#9: Episode 73: “Where Did These Quirky Wisconsin Sayings Come From?” with Erik & Russ from the Wisconsin Drunken History Podcast

I think we can all agree that one of the things that makes Wisconsin so lovable is how quirky it is. From certain town names, to certain places, to some things, even some people, and some of our language! Today, we are talking about some of Wisconsin’s most quirky sayings and expressions, and where they come from with Erik & Russ from the Wisconsin Drunken History Podcast. 

#8: Episode 92: Must Try Local Pizza Places in Wisconsin

Ahh, pizza. A classic. A favorite. A comfort. A food category that could unite the world, and therefore, we needed to explore some of the must-try local pizza joints we have all throughout Wisconsin. Our return guest, Josh Ostermann, joins us to discuss what constitutes as a good pizza order, the best way pizza should be cooked, and most importantly, what local restaurants you should try for your next great slice! 

#7: Episode 88: A Wisconsin Deep Dive: Lake Geneva 

Have you ever taken a hot air balloon ride over Geneva Lake during peak fall colors? Or had a decadent beverage served in a cold pumpkin? Or had Stephanie Klett guide you throughout Lake Geneva? Well, after this episode, you’ll be able to say the latter! Former Discover Wisconsin Host, former Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, and current CEO of Visit Lake Geneva sits down in ‘The Cabin’ for a hilarious episode about the best things to do in “The Newport of the West”! 

#6: Episode 79: Unforgettable Wisconsin: The Driftless Experience

From fishing, to camping, to swimming, to hiking, to kayaking, to architecture, to just general exploring: we love the Driftless Area. Today, we are going to talk about hidden gem stops within the Driftless and how people can really craft a stellar weekend getaway in this stretch of the state with a native from the area, Tara Pizer. This region actually covers most of southwestern Wisconsin and stretches through La Crosse to the Menomonie area, so we have a lot of land to cover in this episode!

#5: Episode 56: Weird Wisconsin Town Names 

Wisconsin is known for a lot of things…including some quirky – and sometimes nearly unpronounceable – town names. From Ubet to Ixonia, we are walking through some of the most unusual Wisconsin town names and diving into how each came to be. 

#4: Episode 85: Iconically Wisconsin: Culver’s Edition

When thinking of things that are considered ‘iconic’ in Wisconsin, you know that a Butterburger and Culver’s custard is on that list! Craig Culver started this national restaurant sensation from humble beginnings in Sauk City, Wisconsin and has seen the fruits of his labor take off with over 800 locations nationwide. 
Listen in on this insightful (and delicious) conversation between the Cabin Crew and Craig Culver where they discuss everything from the founding story to the future trajectory of this iconic Wisconsin restaurant chain. Plus, we learn some inside secrets about how to maximize the flavor of your order at Culver’s, why you need to try the tartar sauce, and what Craig’s go-to order is. 

#3: Episode 59: The Most Dog-Friendly Places in Wisconsin 

Step aside cat lovers: One of the most highly requested podcast episodes has officially arrived! Honestly, we’re a dog-lovin’ bunch here at The Cabin Pod so this one’s a given. Round up your furry friend(s) and press play: We’re hitting up Wisconsin’s most dog-friendly places!

#2: Episode 53: “Wisconsin 101: The Brandy Old-Fashioned”

Get ready to muddle your sugar and bitters as you listen in on a conversation starring a Wisconsin staple: the Brandy Old Fashioned. The Cabin Crew reveals some top spots around the state to order Wisconsin’s signature cocktail. The only question you’ll have left to ponder is: Do you prefer yours sweet or sour? 

#1: Episode 55: “10 of the Most Beautiful Places in Wisconsin”

Happy birthday to us! The Cabin is turning one year old this week. And because we’re the giving type, we’re here with a birthday surprise for you: Eric and Mariah are sharing their list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Wisconsin. 

(Honorable Mention) Episode 80: “Worldwide Cuisine Found in Wisconsin” with Apurba Banerjee

We love talking about where to find the best food and beverages in Wisconsin, but what about food that isn’t necessarily local to Wisconsin? Beyond the beer, brats, and cheese curds, Wisconsin is home to a LOT of international cuisine and we spend this episode going on a world-tour of restaurants right here, in our own backyards. This topic was suggested in (and won!) our contest to have a fan-hosted episode! It was a thrill to record thanks to our amazing fan, turned host, Apurba Banerjee. 

(Honorable Mention) Episode 74: “Stunning Wisconsin Wedding Venues” with Olivia Harlan Dekker

June means that Wisconsin wedding season is in full swing! Of course, the Cabin Crew knows that Wisconsin is home to so many beautiful landscapes and destinations, which also makes it home to so many beautiful wedding venues! We are joined today by Olivia Harlan Dekker, who is a sports reporter and host, as seen on ESPN, the Big 10 Network, and CBS. Her wedding to former Wisconsin Badger player, Sam Dekker, made major headlines back in 2018, so she seemed like an incredible guest to discuss all things Wisconsin weddings with. Plus, we gush over a long list of other stunning Wisconsin wedding venues throughout the state. 

The Cabin Crew can’t wait to bring you more episodes exploring the best of Wisconsin in 2022 and march towards the next 100 episodes! What topics do you want to see discussed on the show? Let us know in the comments below!

Susan Fochs: Producer of The Cabin Podcast // Marketing and Business Development for Discover Mediaworks. A self-proclaimed non-profit aficionado, coffee connoisseur, marketing nerd, and lover of all things Wisconsin.


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