Johnson Creek

2020 Season - Episode 15

Host Eric Paulsen explores Johnson Creek in this episode of Discover Wisconsin, and gives us a new perspective on the city. Eric starts his trek at the Premium Outlets, grabbing some truffles at the only Lindt store in the state and making a few new friends along the way. After some major shopping, Eric makes his way to the Pine Cone just steps from the Premium Outlets, where he talks about the legendary travel stop over a classic breakfast and, of course, one of their cream puffs. Over at Rob’s Performance Motorsports, Eric gets in the driver’s seat of one of their UTVs after perusing the store. And at the end of the episode, Eric joins Johnson Creek residents in celebrating the history of their town with the Founder’s Float on Rock River, kayaking the same path of one Timothy Johnson when he first arrived here.


  • Johnson Creek

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