/ The Best of Wisconsin’s Botanical Gardens

The Best of Wisconsin’s Botanical Gardens

Photo Credit: Green Bay Botanical Garden via Instagram

Spring has finally arrived in Wisconsin, flowering the landscape with beautiful blooms! Throughout the state, many of Wisconsin’s counties showcase the natural and colorful delicacies in their botanical gardens including Milwaukee County’s Boerner Botanical Gardens, Brown County’s Green Bay Botanical Garden, and Rock County’s Rotary Botanical Gardens. Join us as we discover Wisconsin’s finest flowers with the Wisconsin Counties Association!

Boerner Botanical Gardens - Milwaukee County

Photo Credit: Boerner Botanical Gardens via Facebook

On this flowery tour, our first stop is in Milwaukee County, home of the beautiful Boerner Botanical Gardens! Nestled in Hales Corners, Wisconsin, Boerner Botanical Gardens beams with new life as springtime rolls in while featuring historic remnants of their beginnings. The gardens house unique, glacial fieldstone walls and an authentic limestone sanctuary showcase history right in front of your eyes. In addition, the Garden House on site, which dates back to 1939 when it was originally constructed, still has its signature woodwork intact from artisans of the time period.

With such rich artifacts of history surrounding the blossoms, it’s no wonder Boerner Botanical Gardens are known as Milwaukee County’s premier outdoor venue. Their wide assortment of flowers is nothing short of impressive from annuals, perennials, roses, herbs, daylilies, and many more! Find out more about the garden's flowers here.

To get the full experience, enjoy a guided garden tour provided by the Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens. This one hour tour will not only showcase the best of the botanical gardens, but will supply an educational opportunity to learn more about the importance of preserving our natural Wisconsin environment.

To remember your inspiring and immersive experience at the gardens, swing by their gift shop for a souvenir. Each item is unique and hand-crafted by local artisans of the area. From pottery to yard art to put in your own greenery, it’s worth checking out! 

Green Bay Botanical Garden - Brown County 

Photo Credit: Green Bay Botanical Garden

Up next, Brown County’s breathtaking Green Bay Botanical Garden! With 47 acres of beauty, you will surely be blown away by this spectacular garden. Their display gardens highlight Wisconsin’s four seasons through flowers and are accompanied by amazing architectural features. In addition to their awe-inspiring flowers and features, Green Bay Botanical Garden hand selected their plants with consideration of their ability to survive year round in the drastic weather of the state.

Each of the garden’s characteristics will make your visit a one-of-a-kind experience. Discover display gardens including Herb Display Garden, Daylily Display Garden, Lux Foundation Rose Garden, Magnolia Grove and much more. See all their gardens and structures by clicking here and get a taste of the enchanting exploration that awaits.

Green Bay Botanical Garden is all about the experience. To ensure your visit is as magical as it can be, they offer tours of all types for all ages and interests. With an exclusive garden team, they will help you plan the perfect trip. Enjoy an adult tour or even an express summer garden tour! And designed specially for the kiddos, they offer the opportunity to host youth field trips.

The youth are a huge part of the garden’s overall mission: to educate. Growing families together while nurturing a child’s connection with nature is what Green Bay Botanical Garden strives to do through their hands-on youth and family activities centered around nature. Learn more about their outstanding opportunities here

Rotary Botanical Gardens - Rock County

Photo Credit: Rotary Botanical Gardens via Facebook

Last but not least, Rotary Botanical Gardens, located in Rock County, is truly remarkable. This award winning botanical garden is run by a quaint staff and many dedicated volunteers who work to provide visitors and locals alike with an enriching experience with nature. 

Consisting of a vast 20 acres, the grounds include 26 different garden styles and 4,000 types of plants! In addition, each of their gardens is designed to capture your interest and transport you around the world. Keeping with an international theme, Rotary Botanical Gardens houses Scottish, French Formal and English Grove Gardens that will truly leave you in awe. 

To ensure you see the whole luscious landscape, take a guided tour! Not only will you get the opportunity to see the beauty of their blooms and plants closeup, but you will also learn the history of the gardens, plant materials and fascinating facts along the way. Rotary Botanical Gardens also offers special youth tours for children to learn of the importance of nature.

Before your visit to Rotary Botanical Gardens comes to an end, stop by Cottage Garden Gallery and check out their local and handmade items. From garden decor to snacks and seasonal treats, it’s well worth the quick stop!

Wisconsin in spring is hard to beat with its spectacular blooms scattered throughout many of the counties. Discover the flowers of Milwaukee County’s Boerner Botanical Gardens, Brown County’s Green Bay Botanical Garden, and Rock County’s Rotary Botanical Gardens. See the beauty first-hand this spring.

*This article is brought to you with support from the Wisconsin Counties Association.

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