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Discover Wisconsin: Wisconsin Cheese Trifecta

February 29, 2024

What happens when you challenge three Wisconsin chefs to create three different dishes with the same Variety of Cheese? Magic! In this delicious episode of Discover Wisconsin, we visited the Lakely Restaurant in Eau Claire and tasked Chef Nathan Berg with The Kammerude Gouda Challenge using Comstock Creamery’s signature cheese.
Then we headed to Viroqua to issue Chef Luke Zahm at the Driftless Cafe the Blue Cheese challenge, having him use Sid Cook’s ‘favorite cheese’, Glacier Penta Creme Blue Cheese.
Finally, it was up to Chef Adam Siegel of Lake Park Bistro in Milwaukee to tackle a Wisconsin original, Widmer’s aged Brick cheese, and Brick Cheese spread! Creating three incredible dishes which will get cooks and chefs around the state thinking out-of-the-box with new ideas for using award-winning Wisconsin Specialty cheeses!

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