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Stable Rock Winery and Distillery

February 29, 2024

Sitting atop the beautiful Rock River, Stable Rock Winery and Distillery offers expansive water-scene views, making it a top destination in Jefferson County. Fortunately, we got a glimpse of it all with the owner himself, Rob Lewis. Although Stable Rock offers some of the best spirits and wines, Rob Lewis ensures us that there is more to this business than meets the eye.

A locally-owned business, Stable Rock’s relationship with the community is a large part of its success. Leaning into Jefferson County’s heritage, a Germanic flare inspires many of the tastes at Stable Rock. And these tastes go beyond just sipping! Their wines and cocktails are paired with top notch culinary cuisines. Your meal will also pair well with a history lesson here. Its origins as “Boll’s Livery,” a 1900s horse stable, has influenced much of the building’s present day aesthetic. If you’re looking to find out where the community comes together for a smooth drink, I think we’ve distilled it down to the right places.

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