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Your Next Wisconsin Summer Getaway: Waupaca

February 29, 2024

Whether you’re commuting through Waupaca, or spending time on vacation, the natural beauty of the city is sure to draw your attention. If you’re looking for a body of water- Waupaca has no shortage. Surrounded by the Chain O’ Lakes, which consists of 22 lakes, Waupaca is the ideal place for water-enthusiasts to hit the waves.

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Not only is the wide-reaching number of lakes impressive, but the history of the shoreline that accompanies them is just as special. In order to soak it all in, you’re going to need to spend some time exploring! With more than enough room to fit the whole family, you can head over to the Crystal River Inn and enjoy a beautiful bed and breakfast. After breakfast, you can borrow a complimentary kayak from the Crystal River Inn and paddle the river. To plan for your stay, check out more on their website https://crystalriver-inn.com/

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