/ A New Season, A New Experience: Life at Lake Chippewa Flowage

A New Season, A New Experience: Life at Lake Chippewa Flowage

Photo Credit: Lake Chippewa Flowage Resort Association via Facebook

With miles of undeveloped shores and abundant wildlife, Lake Chippewa Flowage–Wisconsin’s largest Wilderness lake–is a destination like none other and is home to both generational family resorts and businesses that have preserved prized traditions. Offering a Canada-esque experience, the natural environment steals the show and provides endless explorations throughout every season. Keep reading and experience spring, summer, fall, and winter in the nostalgic Lake Chippewa Flowage.


Photo Credit: Lake Chippewa Flowage Resort Association via Facebook

When the weather warms up, it’s that time of year to start your summer with festive fun in the sun! All summer long, many exciting events are scattered throughout the Lake Chippewa Flowage area such as Hayward’s Musky Fest honoring world-record muskies caught nearby. Of course, Lake Chippewa Flowage holds the current world-record caught by Louie Spray. Weighing in at 69 pounds and 11 ounces, these waters undoubtedly hold monster muskies. 

On the surrounding shores of the world-famous waterway, outstanding resorts capture the essence of the Flowage–it’s all about family up here. As generations go by, the resorts continue to stay in the families and set out to give a life-lasting, exceptional experience. Many serve fine foods and refreshing drinks lakeside! Adding to the unique experience at the Flowage, several resorts host runs where visitors can stop in for stamps to collect a special souvenir. Head here to check out the cherished resorts and restaurants.

In the backdrop, listen to the summertime sounds of the season–live music performed right on the water! Enjoy terrific tunes at countless resorts! Pull up by car or boat–one and all are welcome. With marvelous melodies and a scenic, rippling backdrop, you’ll certainly fall in love with the Lake Chippewa Flowage. Follow along and click here to get the inside scoop on the latest performances at the finest resorts of the Flowage.

There’s a little something for everyone, whether you’re a water or wilderness lover. On the water, float along the waves by kayak or pontoon. By land, hit the gorgeous golf courses or kick it up to high-gear with a side-by-side or four-wheeler on the rugged trails. No matter where you go, take in your stunning, natural surroundings from star gazing to bird watching. Lake Chippewa Flowage is truly a magical place. 


Photo Credit: Treeland Resorts

Nothing tops the scenery and serenity at Lake Chippewa Flowage during the fall. While the summer crowds dissipate, the untouched lands flourish in bright colors. Explore the miles and miles of undeveloped shorelines, which showcase the true beauty of the season. 

Choose your mode of exploration to see the picturesque landscape, whether you prefer to paddle or pontoon along the lush shores or wander in the woods. Propel into remote bays and waterways and take in the vibrant views of the foliage ashore that reflect into the ripples. Hike or haul on mainland terrain beneath the breathtaking, colorful canopy. 

Some of the most scenic spots in the Lake Chippewa Flowage area are found in the bordering Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, which holds acres upon acres of amazing, luscious landscape that beam with colors from deep reds and golden yellows. Given the surrounding forest, fall hunting season is hard to beat. With vast, all-encompassing woodlands, there’s plenty of ground to cover for hunters not only looking to collect their game tags, but to enjoy the serene sport. Your next fall adventure awaits at Lake Chippewa Flowage. 


Photo Credit: Deerfoot Lodge & Resort via Facebook

Even though the weather quickly cools off, winter will always remain a magical season, especially when you spend your time at the Lake Chippewa Flowage. In recent years, the Flowage has become one of the top snowmobile destinations in the state. With exceptional snow conditions all season long and many dedicated snowmobile clubs, who maintain miles of groomed trails, it’s a winter destination worth the visit.

In the Hayward area, the excellent trails continue for leisure or avid cross country skiers seeking new paths to explore. Drawing numerous visitors to the region, the countless cross country ski trails are not only scenic, but world renown. In fact, the Hayward area is home to the American Birkebeiner and holds a plethora of celebratory events throughout the community.

From snow-packed trails to the ice-covered lake, more adventures are in store on the slippery surface! Embark on an epic ice fishing adventure on none other than the Lake Chippewa Flowage. The odds are in your favor with a wide assortment and abundance of fish from panfish to northern. Grab your gear, drill a hole, and drop your bait in to let the ice fishing fun begin! 


Photo Credit: Chippewa Shores Resort via Facebook

As spring begins to bloom at the Lake Chippewa Flowage, bountiful new life swims beneath the surface. Acclaimed to be a world-class fishery, Lake Chippewa Flowage historically set a remarkable record, and not just any record–the world-record muskellunge! These vast waters are full of phenomenal fishing hotspots, especially during the spring spawning season. Catch a limit of crappies and bluegill in a cast or two, if you’re lucky! 

Put your luck to the test in a local tournament from the annual Musky Hunt to the famous PMTT World Championship. Encourage others to pursue the passion of fishing every third weekend in May at the Fishing Has No Boundaries Event. While volunteers strive to accommodate anglers with disabilities, their love for fishing flows off the charts as they can easily enjoy the outdoor sport with specialized equipment like electric reels and rod holders. 

From waterways to wooded trails, venture on the pristine hiking trails of Lake Chippewa Flowage in the spring. Located on the north side of the Flowage, 2 miles of hiking trails are ready to lead you on an unforgettable exploration through the remote wilderness. Just recently, another breathtaking hiking trail has been newly developed, twisting through the tall trees and nearby scenic shores.

No matter what springtime hobby you enjoy, whether you love fishing or hiking, there’s one thing everyone has in common–a love for the beautiful, great outdoors. Take a moment to look around during any adventure and enjoy the vibrant, green scenery of the Lake Chippewa Flowage.

The Lake Chippewa Flowage is full of adventure in any season from exploring the wilderness to relaxing on the vast, wavy waters. An incredible exploration awaits, whether you are visiting during spring, summer, fall or winter. Make your own unforgettable memories this year at the one-and-only Lake Chippewa Flowage.

Looking for a new family tradition? Visiting the Lake Chippewa Flowage may be the perfect place to start. See the long-lasting family legacies the Flowage holds and watch Discover Wisconsin’s original short ‘Generations of Tradition at the Lake Chippewa Flowage’ here:

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