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Neurosurgery at Marshfield Clinic | Know Your Wisconsin

February 29, 2024

Doctor Vivek Gonugunta is a neurosurgeon with Marshfield Clinic Health System who specializes in one of the most challenging approaches in his field. By operating endovascularly, Dr. Gonugunta’s procedures are considered minimally invasive, which gives his patients a much faster and easier recovery. To treat patients who have suffered from a stroke or aneurysm, for example, Dr. Gonugunta needs to only make a single incision near his patients’ hip and is able to access and operate on the brain’s arteries. This technique requires great dexterity and knowledge of human anatomy and the technology to perform it is always improving, allowing for more patients to be treated endovascularly.

Watch this brief interview with Dr. Gonugunta about the challenges and rewards of his hard work and dedication to his patients here in Wisconsin.

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Read the article as featured in WCA Magazine [May 2022 edition]: https://indd.adobe.com/view/2764750a-3200-49bb-a2e4-a0625c546005

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