/ 9 of Wisconsin’s Best Haunted Houses, Forests and More

9 of Wisconsin’s Best Haunted Houses, Forests and More

These ain’t your run-of-the-mill haunted houses. Terrifyingly imaginative and utterly spine-chilling, the following mysterious homes, forests, bed and breakfasts and more are not for the faint of heart. (In fact, I suggest calling ahead of time to inquire about age restrictions!)

  1. Burial Chamber (Neenah)
    Photo Credit_Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex, Neenah, WI (3)
    Let’s start with the Midwest’s largest haunted complex: The Burial Chamber in the Fox Valley boasts two massive indoor haunted houses—“Adrenaline” and “Insanity”—plus an outdoor “Phobia Haunted Woods” and four “The LAST Ride” burial simulators. My anxiety is rising just typing these words. Eek!
  2. Dead by Dawn Dead & Breakfast (Manitowoc)
    Dawn Dead and Breakfast
    Forget everything you know about those quiet, charming B&Bs: This building—which was built in 1851—is located in historical downtown Manitowoc. First, pick a victim room of your liking: there’s something for everyone including the Coulrophobia room for clown lovers or the Nightmare room, where guests can embrace all their fears and uncertainties. After check-in, you’ll be invited to join the daunting host family for a bit of an “unhappy” hour at the in-house watering hole, the “Shrunken Head.” (You’ll understand the name after observing the unique décor…)
  3. Dominion of Terror (Sheboygan)
    Dominion of terror
    Go ahead…attempt to make your way through a maze of uniquely petrifying rooms and when you scream like a baby, I’ll tell you “I told you so!” This place changes up their haunted rooms each and every year thanks to a devoted staff of volunteers. Prepare to be terrorized by monsters, ghouls and the like. Can you handle it?
  4. Dreadwood Haunted Forest (Hudson)
    No hayrides. No escape. No mercy. Dreadwood is an isolated forest in northwest Wisconsin. A guide will lead you in to the dark on a half-mile path away from the world you know. There’s a good chance you’ll feel disoriented, stifled, pursued and preyed upon. There are no side-doors or escape routes. Once you’ve entered, the only way out is through. Good luck to you!
  5. Forest of Freaks (Janesville)
    Herein lies Wisconsin’s longest and scariest outdoor haunted forest—Forest of Freaks in Janesville! Choose your own path at this Southern Wisconsin scare-fest: There’s Shoot-A-Freak, Clown House, Hillbilly Haven, Haunted Maze, Werewolves Den, Witches Hollow and so much more.
  6. Halls of Terror (Prairie du Chien)
    Halls of Terror is located on the legendary St. Feriole Island in an old warehouse where ghosts lurk around every corner. Located in the Cedar Building, this southwestern haunted destination will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
  7. The Hill Has Eyes (Milwaukee)
    Oh, so you’re the unshakeable, unintimidated type? If that’s so, you clearly haven’t made your way through The Hill Has Eyes in Milwaukee. Test your valor on a pair of haunted trails and a zombie-infested thrill ride. If you make it through all that, dodge the mutant hillbillies in Failed Escape and tread lightly through Hunger Hollow. And if you’re still sane and surviving, ride the Scare Lift up The Hill—just, whatever you do, don’t look down. Celebrate your bravery afterward with snacks, refreshments and live music near the bonfire and beer tent.
  8. The House on the Rock – The Dark Side (Spring Green)
    The House on the Rock in Spring Green is already an eccentric destination in Wisconsin. But have you wondered what it might be like to tour the house after dark? When you visit The House on the Rock – The Dark Side, you’ll stroll down the walkway of the macabre and see the carousel in a whole new light, (which, as it turns out, isn’t very much light at all…). You will travel through the Devil’s throat and wander through the mysterious maze before escaping to be greeted by Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  9. Terror on the Fox (Green Bay)
    Terror on the Fox promises world-class spooky attractions in the area’s most unique location. Whether it’s the train ride, walk through the woods, Camp Ash, Pandemonium or the Ominous Sanctum, expect sheer trepidation. Grab some buddies and put your courage to the test this Halloween season at Terror on the Fox in Green Bay!

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24 comments on “9 of Wisconsin’s Best Haunted Houses, Forests and More”

  1. The Dark Side Haunted Adventure is our favorite and is nationally recognized for the last three years.

  2. What about the Wisconsin Feargrounds in Waukesha? A nationally recognized haunt with 55,000 square feet of terror and three attraction, WFG is a must see!!!!!!!!!

  3. New haunted house well sort of, only been around for a few years. Closed for 2015 but will be open with new location and sites 2016! Keep us in mind we are in Wausua WI.

  4. What about Misery Haunted House? Abandoned Haunted Complex? Green Bay Fear? Panic Chambers? The Morgue?
    idk... seems biased.

  5. We had a unique and very unusual experience while staying at the "Inn of the Pine Terrace" Bed and Breakfast in Oconomowoc. History has claimed it is haunted and this non-believer became a believer after spending a night there.

    1. We had a similar experience over the Labor Day weekend 15 years ago. Strange noises, tapping on walls, lights flickering, toilets flushing and a strange vision my wife had of the owner's wife dying! We asked the cleaning staff if they ever heard or seen anything strange? Their replay after looking at each other, we don't go to the 3rd floor by ourselves! Now I know why the innkeeper asked to run my credit card before our stay, most guests leave in fear and never last the night.

  6. Dr Scary's, formerly of fort Atkinson, now located in Delavin. Took a two year break to relocate and rebuild. Was rated number 1 in the area for the last three years of operation!

  7. I been attempting to look for a haunted outside we went to I believe close to Racine, but not sure. All I know is we got in a hearse and a guy with chainsaw comes in from trunk

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